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Sunday, June 25, 2017

DEM Facebook Group's 2017 Running Day.

Recently I had lots of fun attending Aaron Denning's DEM Facebook Group's Running Day.
The  most enjoyable part of the Day was seeing so many younger modellers having fun. Not that us old Farts don't have fun, we do but seeing the younger blokes enjoying themselves so much with a some banter and a little bit of horseplay, so long as it's kept in check, is really fantastic. Reminds me a lot of myself for 65 years. I hope you younger Guys don't grow up, I haven't, just ask my wonderful wife and the kids.

Where can you get so much fun and laughs, running trains yakking to friends and new acquaintances, 2 Sausage Sandwiches/Rolls and the chance for one of the 30+ Door Prizes kindly donated by our manufacturers, all for $5.

Thanks a lot, Aaron, the Epping MRC for the supplying Binaway and Brunswick Park layouts and the venue that can host 70 + modellers and all Aaron's little Helpers for setting/packing up etc.

One of the many Lucky Door Prizes was Ian's IDR Models X200 in Candy.

Guess who's the new owner. Thanks Ian and DEM. I haven't unpacked it yet as I don't know how this is going to fit in the mid 60s Main North at at Gosford. Some including me, suggest that a lot of modeller's licence is necessary when building a layout but can there be this much.

I'm sure some of you can come up with some appropriate solutions. My Inbox is ready.

I did not take a Camera or a mobile phone so no photos from me. Thanks Aaron etc for the photos posted on the DEM Facebook Group, copied below.

The ever watchful George, overseeing procedures on Brunswick Park.

 Aaron even organised a Quiet Room for some to get a few ZZZs

Trevor and Mike attending to one of the most important jobs for the Day.

Ray, John, Ian and Evan at the "Corner of Knowledge".

Aaron said of the Day, some traveled some distance but as yet, no Interstate Visitors.
Craig Mackie from Brisbane, suggested that the DEM Running Day could be on the Sunday after the MRNSW Convention, is a great idea, where those a long way away and interstate, would get more bang for their "travelling" buck and time. Making it a TWO Day Event would be more attractive to make the trip. Call it a Sydney Model Train Extravaganza Weekend or something.

An example of making layouts available for visiting/operating before/during/after an Exhibition, that the local NMRA does here in Australia, see what I did when attending an Exhibition in 2011, yes more time and many more dollars spent but we could do something, albeit in a much smaller scale. Food for thought to help our long distance "Mates", get to Sydney. See:

I know a few layout owners in Sydney and surrounding areas that would be happy to host Visitors to be included in a "Once a Year" Convention/Weekend.
Many modellers visited the Main North on the Saturday night after the Convention and the Epping Exhibition. They all appreciated it and I had a ball hosting them. I will do it again next year with a lot more notice. Perhaps the DEM Running Day could be included, as suggested by Craig.

I'm happy to have visitors to my Main North anytime, just contact me on 02 9402 8929.

Thanks to Ian from IDR Models, I now have an Indian Red X207.

Shown below, is my "new" X207 shunting the Gosford Sidings with the Glen Innes Mail leaving and a Garratt hauled Goods train in the Up Refuge, waiting for a 46 Class Electric, for the remainder of the trip to Sydney.
Ian suggested I paint the Buffers Black. While at it I painted the wheel Coupling Rods and all the "white" stuff. I think it looks better.
The 4 wheel X207 without sound, easily negotiates all the Points complete with Dead Frogs in Gosford Yard due to the "home made" 200,000 uF Loco Stay Alive.

An excellent loco, thanks Ian and IDR Models.