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Friday, March 29, 2024

NCE's new PH5 Power Pro & DCC Meter.

NCE has released a new Power Pro system, the PH5, available from the Model Railroad Craftsman & their Dealers.

As a beta tester for NCE, I was sent a PH5 to evaluate & test on my layout in Dec 23. PH5 features:

  • 5 Amp capacity
  • A USB Port instead of a Serial Port.
  • Read CVs without a Program Track Booster.
  • More memory & faster Processor.
  • Upgrading from the Internet via the USB.
  • Faster loco selections for Wireless Cab06s. 
  • Supplied with an External 19.0 Volt 5.0 Amp D.C. Switch Mode Power Supply.

For more details, see DCCWiki 

I downloaded a test version of JMRI & got Decoder Pro working. You'll need to have JMRI test version 5.7.1 or later for the PH5.

I have 8 Power Districts on my layout, controlled by NCE EB1s. I reprogrammed my EB1s with the following CVs:  CV 135 = 0 & CV 129 = 1. I also checked the Trip Currents for each EB1 (see your Manual).

Released at the same time was the combined DCC Meter & Analyzer. As shown it displays  Volts & Amps. I recommend everyone to have an Ammeter to know how much current is being drawn by the layout, easily mounted in you layout's Fascia, available from MRRC. Click here for the DCC Meter Manual . See see my Ammeter Blog entry to build an Ammeter for $3 that includes your 10A Multimeter.