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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

NCE DCC Update/Changes & WFD-30 from WiFiTrax.

On 2nd August 2022, a modeller on the NCE DCC@Groupsi.o gave a reference to a Podcast by the   "A Modellers Life", hosted by Lionel Strang (DCC Mady Easy fame etc) and his cohorts, where they interviewed Jim Scorse, the owner of the NCE DCC system. Hear the the Podcast at:

Jim Scorse made some announcements about new things for NCE DCC system that I've listed below.

1. The Power Pro has a software upgrade, done last year. I've noticed on the new Command Station Upper Circuit Board, the EPROM is Jan 2022.

2. The Wireless system instead of having just the one frequency of 916 mHz, it will have 14 Channels, that's 14 different frequencies for the U.S. & Canada and fewer for Aust & N.Z. Dividing your Throttles into different channels will reduce latency of the data getting to the loco's decoder and it'll be backwards compatible. The release date is the end of Summer 2022 in the U.S but NCE is waiting for the 14 channel Radio Modules. Details to follow.

3. Jim Scorse also said they will release a new DCC system that is being held up by the parts shortage issue. 

For me and many others, these changes will only make a small difference to the way we operate our model railways. Mostly for large layouts with lots of Operators e.g. Clubs etc.

I will be getting the latest EPROM upgrade for my Power Pro & the details of what changes/additions have been made.

In the interview Jim Scorse mentioned the WFD-30 from WiFiTraxx as an alternative to purchasing Wireless Throttles. Purchase a WFD-30 and plug it into the Cab Bus (UTP) etc. Download the applicable APP (Engine Driver for the Android & WiFi Throttle for the iPhone), now you can run trains, saving the layout owner purchasing an RB02 Radio Base Station & Wireless Throttles. Now everyone can operate "untethered" - how good is that and you don't have to have a computer loaded with JMRI or a Raspberry Pi connected to the layout (system).

I have had one of these since they were released  some years ago receiving the latest version of the WFD-30 today, located under my layout at my Workbench, see photo. The basic setup will support 4 Mobiles/Throttles, more than for most of us, but configuring it to be a Network using your Access Point, you can have more mobiles. From my previous Workshop Blog entry, I've included Craig Mackie's 2 comprehensive write up for using the WFD-30, below: 

Part 1:

Part 2:

For more details on the WFD-30 & other products, see the WiFiTrax web at:

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