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Monday, October 24, 2022

My Web Site has GONE - Bummer!!!!!. but pages are still available - see below

UPDATE: Click here for the Wayback Machine link. & go to the page you'd like to view & the web.archive url will be displayed. 

Using the example of a C32 decoder install, the displayed address, the url will be shown:

Place your Cursor at the start of the url & LEFT Click. 

A new url, beginning with "https://" will display shown below:

REMOVE the text after the "https://", shown in RED text above. including the "." after "www"

The new url will be shown and my original page is shown complete with photos that were missing on the Wayback Machine pages.

On Sunday 23rd October 2022, I clicked onto my Desktop Icon for my Web site. Instead of seeing the photo of the fantastic Garratt, I got this message:

Invalid URL

The requested URL "http://%5bNo%20Host%5d/nswmn/index.htm", is invalid.

Reference #9.159c3e17.1666644809.1b6ee226


With the help from Martin with his comment below and a Web Archive link of:

Martin you're the Man, this helps a lot, THANKS Martin.

How long can the "archive" site work? 

So for now when "googling" me to find my web site, searchers will find my Blog and see this link.

I will ring Optus to see if they can fix it.

Without having rung Optus my provider, I found that all urls NOW have to have an "S" in the first few letters of the url. (https://). Some of my computer geek mates told me this "s" thingo was around for years. Optus may have a quick fix but......

Back when I had to switch over to the NBN, I contemplated changing to another Provider but decided to keep with Optus due to I wanted to keep my web site, so I stayed with Optus. 

So now I have decide what to do with my web site.

I had a Counter on my Home page. Feb2018 showed I had 13,000 Visitor since I added the Counter. That panned out to approximately 300 Visitor per month. This determined that I should keep my web page going. Today it shows 23,000, so for 54 months 10,000 Visitors. That's now 187/month. 

I have purchased a Domain name but I'm having reservations about using it.

My mate Randall suggested I could add my popular web pages to my Blog. Topics like my Stay Alive & DCC Novices etc could be added to my Blog. I cannot comprehend editing my DCC for Novices Book, there was lots of good information there. Just yesterday I had reason to show another mate some tips on installing Decoder Pro. 

I'm not up to doing this at the moment but will I ever be up to it.

I'll ask you guys who read my Blog, what "pages" I should add to my Blog & for possible suggestions of what to do, while I ponder on whether I do anything. If any of you need a particular page, I can email you what I have in my Documents Folder & applicable photos etc.

Please let me know with a Comment here.




  1. Hi Marcus, blog publishing when the domain is attached to a service provider is a tricky subject. I had a registered domain name for my first website a decade ago when tied to a US publisher, and once the publishing deal came to an end the domain name expired along with it. Knowing it was coming, I'd already set-up a Google Blogger account so that people could still find me. I found the advantage is that the blog is always linked to my Google account. That was 12 years ago, and in that time I also launched my Philden Model Railway blog to keep my model train interests separate from my books. Blogger has a feature of being able to import content from other blogs or sites, so you may be able to explore that if you were considering setting up a new blog to preserve all of your information. The https:// address update was automatically corrected by Google when introduced some years back which was also one less thing I had to worry about. For a completely free alternative to domain name hosting, Blogger has been an excellent tool for both my blogs, and is also linked with my YouTube account making it easy for me to embed any model train clips I want to share on the blog. I feel your pain at not knowing how to approach preserving or transferring all of your blog's information, it was a big task for myself many years ago. As for the domain name you purchased, I do believe you can use it with Blogger. If not, the only difference I found was the Blogger website address ends in rather than just .com which for the cost of purchasing a domain name was something I could live with. Shoot me an email if you get stuck, I don't want to see the Main North disappear! Cheers!

  2. Hi Phillip. Thanks for replying, lots of info for me to consider. The Main North will not disappear (I hope), as long as this Blog remains active. My "Modelling the Railways of NSW in DCC" web site pages are no longer available to anyone except if I transfer the information to another web site that'll have a new "url". I am contemplating adding some of my web pages this Main North Blog. Initially, any modeller can message me and I'll send them what I had on my web site. Regards Marcus

  3. Hi Marcus,
    I quite often go to your website for DCC information. I attended the New England Model Railway Club's Convention at the weekend. While there I referred another modeller, who was installing a decoder, to visit your site, so he may not find it now. It would be a pity to lose all the fantastic information on decoder installs you had there. Cheers Phil.

  4. Hi Phil. All the "fantastic" information on decoder installations is still up there somewhere but Optus has made it difficult for you to navigate to get it. I have the original documents, so not all's lost. I just have to figure out but more importantly find the time and inclination/motivation to make it available at a new web site. Obviously those of you that have bookmarked my web page, they're also broken. Anyone including your modeller friend Phil, email me at and I'll send the appropriate information.

  5. First port of call would be for Optus to fix the issue to get your site working again.

    In terms of https://, as your website is hosted by Optus, they have to configure and maintain an SSL certificate to allow HTTPS access. At present any HTTPS requests are returning either "Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT" or "This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.", which to me says they have not set up SSL correctly.

    In the meantime is your friend, here's the latest snapshot:

    Cheers, Martin

  6. Hi Martin. Thanks a lot for the "archive" link, I've added it to the page. I tried with Optus this afternoon but the phone hung up after 45 minutes. I'll try again tomorrow.

  7. Hi Marcus. This is one of the ongoing problems of new technology and businesses today. Nothing stays the same except change. We will have to learn to live with it, unfortunately.

    Hopefully you can resolve the problems with Optus or move the site to another provider. I consider it is worth its weight in gold. I regularly refer to it for advice and information.

    I will send you a separate request for some information. does not seem to retain links or embedded photos. I get the text but no pictures.

  8. Hi Argyle. I have included the details on how to get the page with photos, above. I have talked to Optus with a Case Number but it has not been resolved. I have a domain name but everyone's Bookmarks will not work. So for now with the slightly convoluted way of finding my pages with photos, will have to do until I have the motivation/inclination to make a new web site hosted by some else other than Optus, perhaps in the new year. Regards Marcus

  9. Hey Marcus, while looking for one of your tips, I found this post. I set up my own blog. I am sure one of your many friends can do all this for you, but if you are stuck, I can probably help you set up a word press blog which is totally in your control! I spent the day modifying my K truck speedo to fit under bridges and go over points on my layout. Almost completed after many hours of grinding and cutting!

  10. Hi John. I'm fine with my Blog, so for now I don't need a "word press" blog. Thanks for offering to help me. What's your Blog address? I need to modify my Speedo Car to fit under all the new Footbridges from Walker Models, I'm installing now. I speed match my locos mainly in my Broadmeadow section but in the last week I've added the Lambton Road bridge with the Booking Office. I need to remember not to go "through" the Station. It would be easier to make a cut out in timber base of the bridge than modifying my speedo car.